Refresh Yourself With Oyster Bath Rain Showers


Oyster Bath inspires and re-energizes you putting you in the right frame of mind to make the most of the busy day ahead so that you can step out of the refreshing rain into your world. After a busy day, your bathroom can be a refuge for relaxation and warmth. An overhead shower from Oyster Bath invites you to stand beneath the warm water, close your eyes and let the sensation of rainfall wash away the stresses of the day. You can indulge yourself in a rain shower that you can control to suit your mood. A long and hot shower can be extremely relaxing. The lighter flow can revive the spirits whereas the stronger flow can give you the feeling of reaching deep through your tired muscles and massaging them gently back to life.

A rain shower is generally a top or ceiling-mounted shower. The position in which a rain shower needs to be installed adds certain benefits. Oyster Bath’s multifunctional overhead showers have several functions that focus on well-being and relaxation with therapies such as Chromotherapy, Hydrotherapy, etc. The entire collection of rain showers is available in various forms and sizes to enhance the bathroom decor. Brook Shower 300 is one of the initial models of the Brook Series consisting of both a mist shower and rain shower. Brook Shower 600 adds elegance to your bathing space. It is a combination of a rain shower, mist shower, and central cascade shower along with chromotherapy. Brook Shower 800 is however the greatest shower in the range. It combines swirl shower jets that can take your bathing experience to a whole new level. The contemporary and subtle form contributes to the appeal, which no less exudes a touch of luxury. One does not require to spend a fortune in order to get a new look.

With a number of finishes, styles, and functions incorporated together, rain showers are efficient and flexible for daily use. Enhance your house style to your bathroom by installing overhead showers from Oyster Bath.

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