Relax, Renew and Refresh With Steam & Sauna


Steam & Sauna improves your blood circulation, energy level, overall well-being and restores your spirit. Results have shown deeper benefits for steam & sauna use and are one of the oldest proven methods for skin and health treatments. Some may enjoy the misty fog of a steam session while others may prefer the dry heat of a sauna. It differs from person to person according to the benefits they wish to seek.

In our current lifestyle, most of us don't actively sweat, which has proved to have multiple benefits both mentally and physically. Regular steam & sauna provides the benefits derived from sweat. In the heat of a steam or sauna, the core body temperature begins to rise a little.

Some people may not be aware but sweat production is primarily for cooling the body, composed of approximately 99% of water. On the other hand, deep sweating in a sauna reduces levels of chemicals. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of steam bath for home, in general, is that it is one of the best means to detoxify your body leaving you to feel, refreshed and cleansed.

Oyster Bath, a leading supplier of steam bath equipment in India, aims to provide physical, mental, and therapeutic benefits for a completely enriched steam & sauna bath experience. All of the equipment is designed to fit the modern home style with perfect serene emotions. Some of the most loved styles from its collection are – AMAS, ANON, GAMA, IBIS, and MOXA. Oyster Bath assists you with your room design, installation services, and repair needs to provide the perfect steam or sauna experience. With experienced professionals providing quality services, Oyster Bath ensures that all the sauna rooms and steam bath equipment are top-notch quality leaving you with no reason to compromise at any step. They help you revitalize, maintain and restore health.

A Steam & Sauna and therapy room help you alleviate many medical problems and improve skin quality. It helps you to achieve the wellness goals you want to achieve with numerous therapeutic benefits. However regardless, taking the time to give yourself a personal private retreat and to relax and look after your body is necessary and beneficial.

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