Things to consider while selecting a steam generator for an excellent steam bathing experience by Oyster Bath


If you are someone who is keen on attaining the health benefits of a steam room at your home, then it’s time you thought about purchasing a steam generator. One of the most simplest and effective means to produce steam is with the help of a steam generator.

There was a time when steam bath generators were large, complex units that were primarily used by hotels or at public facilities. But with the innovations & technological developments, steam bath generators are not just elegantly designed but are also available in an array of easy-to-use functions.

With Oyster Bath, you get to enjoy a pure bliss of comfortable features available in the steam generators.

The steam generators by Oyster Bath are tested and listed for the safety of the user and to provide a superior quality experience.

All the products at Oyster Bath are equipped with the latest technologies to provide you with the best experience ever and intend to give you hassle-free services.

A steam generator is an apparatus used for converting hot water into steam at high pressure by the use of coils through which the conversion actually takes place. It can be generally classified into low water content boiler and flash steam boiler. In Saunas, the modular steam generator is used which does not use much water and the steam is controlled by an electronically controlled steam generator that features timer & temperature setting.

Factors to consider while choosing a steam generator

1. Check for thermostat

An up-to-date steam generator will have a thermostat. This feature is capable of controlling the temperature of the steam automatically thereby giving the greatest use of energy efficiency.

2. Automatic shut off

Another important feature to take into consideration is to look for a water level indicator with an automatic shut-off. In case the water level is too low, this automatic shut-off mechanism will itself turn off the generator from overheating.

3. Size of the steam generator matters

One needs to take care that the size of the steam generator is the right size for your steam room. With supreme user-friendly functions, the steam generators by Oyster Bath have fast heating capabilities and energy-saving features. These features also help you to ensure that you are able to make effective use of electricity. The steam generators are easily available at Oyster in the range of 3 KW, 4.5 KW, 6 KW, 9 KW, 12 KW, 15 KW, 18 KW, 21 KW, and 24 KW that is an ideal space saver for the small steam bath.

4. Electric control Panel

These panels allow you to set the controls on your generator. The steam generators by Oyster Bath allow you to enjoy features like an auto steam drain, large size serviceable heating element, exhaust fan, built-in low voltage 12-volt control, and electronic water level control system.

So, there is no better way to deal with mental stress and fatigue. Oyster's luxurious steam bath experiences complete your all desires with an ultimate feeling of wellness and rejuvenation. You can buy various steam generators online at Oyster Bath. The brand ensures that the product you buy is of top quality.

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