Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Rain Shower


Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a rain shower -

1. Choosing the shape - Rain showers generally come in a variety of shapes. It could either be round or square. The choice typically depends on what the rest of your bathroom interior looks like. The square heads may work better with the contemporary bathrooms that may already have a lot of angular elements. However, the choice and criteria for round shape rain showers may be different.

2. Check the rain shower head pressure - People looking to buy a new one or replace the old shower head must check the pressure. You may want larger, high-volume showerheads. Some hardware stores sell testers that screws onto the shower arm in the place of a showerhead so that you can determine your home’s water pressure before buying a new one. Low water pressure results from leaks, clogs, and old pipes with bathroom faucets.

3. Price - Another crucial factor that falls in the picture is the price for redecorating your bathroom and deciding the money you wish to spend on the rain shower. You should examine all the elements and decide what you need and what you don’t. Just by spending a little more, you can buy a better quality product but may have to compromise on the other accessories.

4. Choosing the finish - Once you are done with the type, shape, and size of the rain shower head you prefer, you can also choose the finish. Depending on where you are buying from, you have a number of finishes to choose from such as metal tones, polishes, oiled, brushed, etc. Looking at the newest bathroom trends, it is common to mix and match as long as the finishes complement one another.

Adding a rain shower gives an enthralling and diverse experience. Oyster Bath, a leading rain shower manufacturer in India has modern designs from Brook Shower 300 to Brook Shower 800. The entire collection of rain showers comes in multiple hosts of forms and sizes to enhance your bathroom decor. So let yourself go and rejuvenate with the rain shower heads from Oyster Bath.

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