Tips To Eliminate Stains From Bathroom Tiles


Keeping up with cleaning bathroom walls, scrubbing the tiled floors and toilet bowls can be a nightmare but you still want to clean and get rid of these stains with wellness products. Cleaning of bathroom is not as complicated and tiresome as it sounds. Wondering how to remove these spots and stains from the tiles after several futile attempts? You can do it yourself and to best standards. Here are some excellent tips to clean the tiles easy and quickly with bathroom wellness products:

1) Make your own cleanser

Salt and lime can be used to clean bathroom tiles and kitchen. Make a paste using the above ingredients such as lime, vinegar and baking soda and clean with the same. It is sure to provide the desired results if used properly.

2) Cooking Oil

The easiest option to remove stains is using the cooking oil which is readily available. You just need to use a couple of drops of the oil and a soft cloth to wipe of the stain. After wiping, remember to rinse the area with shampoo or soap. This is one of the most effective and easiest strategy to clean.

3) Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a multi-purpose ingredient that can be used for several other purposes other than cooking. It can also be used to clean the bathroom. Soak a cloth in the vinegar mix and then lay it on the floor. Doing so softens the spot and clean it using a brush. Leaving it for longer durations reaps better results but do not place it for a very long time as it may discolor the tiles and floor.

4) Cleaning of the ceramic tiles in the bathroom

For this, making a homemade cleaning solution from ammonia, warm water and baking soda is an ideal option. Pour the resultant solution on the tiles using a sponge. After scrubbing the tiles, pour water and rinse it thoroughly. This is certain to give you the anticipated results.

Though, there are hundreds of bathroom care products out in market but you can clean the stains from your bathroom in cost efficient and effective manners by using commom ingredients readily available in your bathroom.

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