Tips To Get Rid of Bathroom Odour


A stale smell in a home is a result of inadequate cleaning, poor air circulation, high humidity and possible moisture problems. The mixed smell of shampoo, soap, creams and room freshener also makes the bathroom smelly and unbearable. Here are some basic ways and tips listed below to remove the bad odour from your bathroom -

1. Use a Room Freshener – One of the easiest ways to remove bad smells from your bathroom is to use a room freshener. Spray it lightly and the bad odour will vanish in a few minutes.

2. Regularly clean your bathroom – One should regularly clean and sanitize the bathroom. Use cleaners and disinfectants to clean the washbasin, steam bath equipment, commode and bathtubs. The floor mats should also be changed and cleaned regularly as they can retain water and dust-producing foul smell. Also, wash all the surfaces and accessories in your bathroom and wipe them dry using homemade floor cleaners or chemical cleaners.

3. Access to Sunlight – Bathrooms have water and moisture all the time. Both moisture and water act as breeding grounds for germs leading to bad odour in the bathroom. However, sunlight kills the bacteria. It is suggested to open the windows and let the fresh air and sunlight in, removing the bad odour. Also, make sure that you keep the bathroom dry. Keep the bathroom bright and airy to avoid the pungent smell.

4. Repair the leakages – Clogged drains, dry pipes, leaky faucets, crack in the floor tiles, bathtubs, steam bath equipment and wastewater pipes causes foul smell in the bathroom making it necessary to take care of such issues. The smell is not caused by the leakage in the house but by the fungi that are growing where the water is pooling. Once established, fungi can very easily spread to other areas so should be taken care of.

5. Do not leave wet towels in the bathroom – Never leave wet garments or towels in the bathroom. Towel odours are caused when the towels soak up when we dry off and are enough to cause a stink. Wet towels create a perfect environment for germs and bacteria to grow so make sure that your wet towels are not kept in the bathroom.

The above tips will not only reduce or clear out the bad odour but also lower the bacterial growth in the bathroom.

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