Treat Yourself to an Oyster Bath Shower Column


As the famous saying goes ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Here at Oyster Bath, we take that saying very seriously but we tweaked it a little to say “all work and no rejuvenation makes you feel dull all day long!”

With the busy lifestyle of the contemporary age, it has become essential to spend some time pampering ourselves by whatever means it takes to find some positivity in the drudgery of life.

With Oyster Bath, you can refresh and rejuvenate yourself with an amazing bathing experience. Wondering how? All you have to do for a euphoric experience is install a shower column in your bathroom.

With varied and exquisite designs that integrate state-of-the-art innovations, the overhead showers and the shower columns transform your bathroom into a graceful space you’ll never want to leave. Oyster Bath offers you an impressive showcase of ultra-modern overhead showers to choose from. Bring home stylish products that will bring a world of rejuvenation into your bathroom.

The splendid range of Shower columns by Oyster Bath include:


- Concealed shower panel
2 inbuilt body jets
- Hand shower pack with flexible hose
- Thermostatic shower mixer with 3 functions
- Designer shower head with the angle for better fall of water.


- Designer concealed shower panel
- Inbuilt vertical shower heads
- Thermostatic shower mixer with 4 function diverter
- 1.5m chrome shower hose
- Spout with cascade flow.

Aqua shower

- Single lever mixer & diverter
- Sliding bar with a soap case
- 4 moveable body jets
- Bath spout
- Height adjustable multi-flow hand shower


- Integrated body spray jets
- Overhead shower
- Cascade flow
- Bath spout
- Hand shower

Benefits of adding a shower column by Oyster Bath to your bathroom:

- Easy to install
With easy to install nuts and screws, shower columns by Oyster Bath do not demand any complicated procedures to install.

- Do not demand much space
The compact designs offered by Oyster Bath make them easy to install and remove. Hence they do not demand much space and can easily be moved from one place to another.

- You can explore many designs
The shower columns by Oyster Bath are designed in an efficient manner and can fit any bathroom. Oyster Bath has an amazing collection of Shower enclosures catering to your every need, and you can opt for the perfect one to meet your requirements.

- It gives your bathroom a classic look
No doubt, any addition to your bathroom’s fittings not just benefits you, but also enhances the look and feel in its entirety. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for yourself now.

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