Unique & Stylish Modern Tub Designs for Your Bathrooms


With the hustle and bustle of daily life, who has hours to spend in the bathtubs? Normally, we take the shower in a hurry in the mornings and at times a bath in the evenings. But when you have a stylish and extravagant bathroom, it invites you to indulge in the swirly waves of fascination.

As the style and grandeur of contemporary bathrooms are changing these days. In the last few months, the craze for free skirting Bathtub and sunken tubs are fascinating everyone. In a recent post, we have discussed some of the latest trends for 2016 and the most popular amenities were bathtubs, shower columns, and the essential vanity. Here, we bring you some splendid bathroom choices.


So, when you are designing or remodeling the bathing space, consider embellishing it with awesome bathroom fittings in India.

The creative dual tub shower design. It looks like a plate or bowl. It is slightly uplifted from the edges but wide and flat from the middle. It serves for both, a shower and an appealing tub experience. It is big enough to lie down and stretch out in. No doubt, it is smart, creative, and unique. You are definitely going to add this to the first instance.

The egg-shaped pool tub is unique. It breaks from the traditional bathtubs in its slight egg or oval-shaped consistency. Admire the stand-alone faucet, it provides space and defines the new structure of bathroom fittings in India with a more elegant and sophisticated appearance. The design is wonderful, modern, and classy altogether. A lovely place that would attract everyone to spend hours to attain wellness through the water.

The sunken corner whirlpool tub is in vogue. They perfectly imitate the fancy world of the jacuzzi with its peculiar style and design. The ideal models of rejuvenation are built with aesthetics and exquisite features to enhance luxury and magnificence. Go for them to avail an enchanting spa journey.

Bathrooms are outlined for opulence and relaxation from ancient times. It is more than an exotic place where people unwind stress and refresh their souls. Now, they have become private sessions of the spa tub, therapies, and much more.

So, choose wisely from the impressive design at Oyster Bath. Do you have something of which you're especially fond that wasn't included here? Leave your suggestions in the comments we'd love to hear from you soon!

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