Upgrade your Home with Fantastic Features (FM Radio, Bluetooth) of the Steam Shower Cabins by Oyster Bath


A steam shower cabin is a fantastic addition to almost everybody’s bathroom. Steam shower relaxes and detoxifies the body, making you feel energetic and fresh. Unique in its appearance and design, the shower cabin by Oyster Bath literally sells itself. The intelligent features teamed with the latest technology, give you altogether an enhanced bathing experience.

One such special feature that comes with Oyster Bath's steam shower cabin is the 'FM system' installed within the cabin with CD compatibility. So, while taking a shower you can relax by listening to music.

In today’s modern age, the availability of such features is the key in many aspects of our life. Being able to listen to your own music while having a bath is purely a heavenly feeling. It certainly helps you to relax after a long, tiring day at work.

Let’s check out some of the amazing benefits of listening to music while taking a shower:

- Music has amazing positive effects on your body and transmits enormous pleasure to our brain.
- Music helps to release the stress in our body and mind.
- Humming or listening to music generates happiness thereby relaxing our body and soul.
- Music certainly enhances the mood.

Some benefits of steam bathing include:

1. Steam bathing helps to unwind you peacefully after a long tiring day and relieves stress. A steam shower can benefit you in several ways-

2. Steam bathing helps you to save a lot on your water bills. As compared to a conventional shower, a steam shower cabin consumes less water for just about 20 minutes of use.

3. Steam bathing helps to improve circulation.

4. Steam is good for your skin. It opens pores which allow perspiration to run freely.

5. Steam bathing is good for keeping mental and physical stress at bay.

6. It is good for giving a boost to the immune system.

7. Loosens stiff joints.

Other fantastic features that you can enjoy in the steam shower cabin by Oyster Bath are:

1. The steam generators in the steam shower cabin are built specifically to maximize exposure to the steam.

2. The cabin has an inbuilt ozonizer function. You can switch it on after a steam bath to kill the bacteria inside the cabin.

3. There is one roof shower along with a hand shower. Enjoy your bath with either one or both, depending on your mood.

4. Our exclusive range of steam shower cabin also has special body jets to give you a hydro massage.

5. Some of the multi-systems are also equipped with RGB light for chromotherapy. And also equipped to provide aromatherapy.

So, glorify your bathroom with unique and beautiful steam shower cabins by Oyster Bath.

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