What Features Should Be Noticed At The Time Of Buying Bathtub?


Bathtubs, jets, LEDs, and spas all of these essentials have become necessities of the modern society. The lavished hot bathtubs and grand bathrooms are common these days in every house. With the increase in demand, the manufacturers are providing a complete catalog of amazing products considering latest trends and requirements. The endless choices give a fabulous makeover to your bathing place and invite your souls to indulge in the soothing blue world of ripples.

There is a sensational range of styles, features, sizes and materials. But, before stepping into the showroom ask yourself how you like to bathe? Discuss it with your family, then finalize your preferences. Here, we have included some of the essential pointers which the buyers should keep in mind at the time of choosing the hot bathtubs:

Do you want a plain bathtub for soaking or a whirlpool?
Classic or claw footed?
Don’t forget to discuss the shapes: ovals, rounds, squares or contours?
Neck rests or armrests?
Platforms, step down or walk-in?
All these features come at a different price. So, remember your budget while making the decision.

The type of finish and material available in the market: Fiberglass, Porcelain enameled steel, enamel-coated cast iron and the most demanding acrylic. Acrylic tubs are considered user-friendly regarding durability; they are lightweight, the scratches are not easily visible on the surface.

The shape: Freestanding, clawfoot, alcove, drop-in and corner tubs. These all tubs have their specific positions in the bathrooms. These days undermounts and corner tubs are more in trend. They take less space and are much more practical than drop-in and freestanding. The claw footed gives a traditional look and costs more. The freestandings are not practical and the regular soaking tubs are deeper and wider than standard tubs.

Bathtubs give Goosebumps: From the name itself, you can assume a lavished bathroom with luxury bathtub brands or an awesome tub, designer vanity, shower enclosures, whirlpool, Body jets and a lot more. While choosing hot bathtubs for your bathing space, keep in mind that the pleasure pool is loaded with useful accessories. Such as on -line heaters, underwater LED lights for uplifting your mood while enjoying the Chromotherapy, Hydrotherapy, music functions, and other facilities.

At Oyster bath, we offer world class products with sublime features. Our primary intent is to make your experience exotic and provide wellness, composure and rejuvenation. No, doubts the bathrooms are designed to fulfill the purpose of cleaning, hygiene, and rekindling your life.

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