Which one is best for you hot or cold water? Let’s get an Ayurvedic outlook!


Are you always confused whether to take a bath with hot water or cold water? As cold and hot water both are good at different situations. Ayurveda says to use cold water to wash hair and hot water for the body. But do not use too cold and too hot water and do not spend more than twenty minutes in your whirlpool bathtubs.

Experts say that if you are above 5o years old, you should take a hot shower, and check the temperature, it should not be too high. If you are of young age, opt for a cold water bath. Diseases also play a significant role in deciding whether to use cold or hot water for a shower or bathroom faucets If you are facing complications regarding digestive disorders, liver or stomach infections then go for the cold water bath. In case you have any muscular pain, arthritis then use hot water for the bath. Immerse yourself in a hot tub or whirlpool bathtubs for better results. It provides relaxation in the muscular pain, and relieves a cough and flu.

At times, habits are involved in your decisions rather than the season or disease. A person with a habit of evening bath will go for a quality time in his whirlpool bathtubs in the midst of hot water. These swirls of warm water reduce stress, relax the muscles and rejuvenate your mind and body. It also helps in detoxifying the toxins out of your body.

In the same manner, Ayurveda has more tips for your good health. It suggests that take some time and cleanse your body properly; a quick bath is not at all healthy. It doesn't affect you, whether you take a cold water bath or hot water bath. It's a good idea to spend at least ten minutes under the bathroom shower. When you follow the actual process of bathing, it will affect your entire body. Do not rush either take too much time in the shower. Make a healthy routine for your body, give it an oil massage before the bath. It is not possible daily, so try to follow this activity twice in a week. So, before making any choice consider the season, age, habits, mood, diseases, etc.

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