Why Is Ozone Essential For Your Bathtubs Ozonation?


Is the water in your hot tub losing its freshness, becoming smelly? This is known as the sanitation problem. It is the high time you should not ignore these complications. They might cause skin rashes, allergy, and other health issues. Here, a significant role is played by ozone; it is a powerful oxidant and efficient purifier for water. It also breaks down the body oils, eliminates the stubborn odours that are found in the bathtubs. These days most of the bathtubs have a built-in ozone generator, or they have a set up to install a new Ozonizer afterward.

Ozone is a universal cleaning agent also known as purifier; it does not produce any harmful chemical by-products during the process of cleaning water. It helps in oxidizing hydrogen sulphide, iron, manganese and most chlorinated hydrocarbons found in water as well as oils. Ozone is mostly applied as a bleaching agent in the textile industry. Now, it is widely used by water-sanitizing companies to sterilize drinking water as it safely removes microorganism and added flavours from the water.

The working of Ozonizer and the temperature of water

When the temperature of water goes through extreme variations at that time, it exhausts ozone and retains the water itself. It results in specification of a limited temperature. Nowadays, all the new ozonizers have the inbuilt temperature settings to ensure that the water in the tub has a constant maintenance at an absolute temperature. The maintenance of an average temperature raises the effectively in dissolving minerals that are often located in the hard water.

Why Ozone?

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and conventional cleaner, a disinfectant that is safe in spa tubs, Ozone damages pollutants that were 3000 times quicker than other conventional oxidants with no toxic by-products. It kills all known bacteria, viruses, yeasts, etc. Ozone is an excellent choice in comparison to heavy doses of traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. The complete effects of these chemicals are not eliminated, but decreased a lot.

One of the most beneficial uses of ozonizer is that you need not to change the water repeatedly; it remains fresh for a long duration. It does not produce any residue that could stick to the surfaces of the tub or choke the filter of the bathtub.

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