Add Perfection to your Bathroom with Whirlpool Bathtub by Oyster Bath


Let's explore the beautiful world of Whirlpool bathtubs by Oyster Bath

Finesse finds a new definition with Alphuzia. This exquisitely crafted acrylic bath combines excellent mechanics teamed with finished features to make your every bathing experience an exciting one.


1. Water massage- 6 hydromassage jets
2. 1.2 hp Whirlpool motor for water massage
3. Bath filler set
4. Headrest
5. Underwater light colored
6. Automatic pop up waste.

An extraordinarily ravishing bathtub, Arika gives you a whole new bathing experience. Some of its features include:

1. Hand shower, mixer and diverter
2. Water level sensor
3. Bluetooth enabled
4. Variable both side large waterfall massage
5. Bath filler set

Embrace the novice feeling of enthusiasm with Drizzle. It comes with an array of attractive features.

1. Remote control
2. Earth leakage circuit breaker
3. Designer headrest
4. Rectangle built in acrylic bath with metallic galvanised frame
5. Music- FM radio

Enjoy the sheer pleasure of rejuvenation with Kingdom bathtub. The ergonomically shaped unit, combined with the advanced water jets, helps ease the tension and stress away from your body.


1. Remote control
2. Music, FM Radio
3. Water level sensor
4. Earth leakage circuit breaker
5. Headrestx2
6. Disinfection ozonizer

Consider some of the health benefits of Whirlpool bath tub:

With an array of amazing health benefits whirlpool bathtub gives you a great addition to your bathroom. It not just enhances the style and space of your bathroom but alongside you also get to enjoy great health benefits at your home itself:

1. Hydrotherapy Benefits

The inclusion of whirlpool bathtub in your bathroom means that the benefits of hydrotherapy are literally at your fingertips! The availability of affordable hydro-massage Whirlpool bathtubs has made it possible to recreate health spa treatments right in the comfort of your home.

2. Improves circulation

The combination of warm water and massage jets in a whirlpool helps improve blood circulation. Improved circulation encourages better body movements and it is especially effective in curing Arthritis.

3. Helps in reducing stress

Whirlpool bathtubs have massaging jets that help relax body and mind. Not only does this provide immediate stress relief but it also helps in giving you a proper sleep.

4. Improves mental well being

One of the main reasons to get a whirlpool bathtub is that it helps you attain psychological benefits. All you have to do is to sit back and relax. Let the water ease out the stress in your body.

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