Difference Between Hydro Jet and Bubble Jet


Planning for tub shopping?

If you are doing it for the first time, you will encounter countless foreign items. It can make you wonder what exactly is a hydro jet or a bubble jet? Which one to choose between these two?

Well, here is the answer to this dilemma gripped situation. Both Hydro jet and bubble jet look almost the same. However, one noticeable change that you will encounter is that both operate with a different mechanism. More unambiguously, hydro jets shoot jets of water while a bubble jet uses jets of air. Both have different connotations regarding their maintenance.

If you pay heed to the details, you will find that both bubble jet and hydro jet generate a different level of sensation. A hydro jet comes with the classic, high pressure, deep massaging jets that most people will find slightly in resemblance with the hydrotherapy. On the other hand, a bubble jet has many air jets that develop millions of massaging bubbles surrounding and stimulating the body. It is more like a gentler sensation, but highly relaxing.

The other difference between the hydro jets and bubble jets is their maintenance. Hydro jets are easy to clean. All you have to do is clean the nozzles from where the water is released. Whereas, in a bubble jet, you have to clean every air jet with a cleaning solution. Fill the tub with water. Add some cleaning solution to it and then drain the water. Do this exercise two to three times and the bubble jet will be clean.

It's all about preferences whether you choose a bubble jet or a hydro jet. Both are remarkable in quality and will enhance the grace of your home. On the other hand, spa tubs provide bathers with an invigorating experience and uplift mood throughout the day. Make sure you also check out spa tubs for a wonderful bathing experience.

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