How To Get Your Swimming Pool Ready For Summers


Temperature is increasing at an unbelievable speed. Mercury is rising every day making us feel that there is nothing that can respite us from the wrath of sun. Well, it looks like we have an alternative for keeping heat at bay and everybody is quite familiar with it. Nothing can be better than a swimming pool in your backyard. Believe me, diving into the pool provides your body with a relaxing effect and keep you up fit throughout the day.

However opening your swimming pool for the season takes more than filling it up and jumping in. Here is our guide to getting ready for the lethargic summers.

Don’t empty your pools

Take this advice as a norm. Never empty your swimming pool in any condition, even if you live in a very cold place. Draining the pool can lead too many complications such as an empty pool in a high water table can lift out of the ground without the weight of the water holding it down. Most of the pool owners are unaware about the jeopardy of emptying the pool. Most people think that once they drain all water from the pool they can easily clean it. However, doing this actually increase the possibility that the pool will pop out of the water like a boat.

Clean your pool

Buy some chemicals and start the process of filtration. Cover your pool and start working on it. Make sure you clean the filter before you turn it on. A combination of chemicals and some cleaning accessories work in conjunction to keep the pool clean. Keep in mind that the pool is cleaned every day till water becomes crystal clear and you are able to see the pool floor. This process can take up to maximum one week.

Test your water

Have a professional test of your water. Take a water sample to a swimming pool store and they’ll test the water for you with a minimum charge. You will come to know about the alkalinity plus the amount of chlorine level in your water. This will tell you what needs to be done to keep your swimming pool safe for diving.


The most important part is to maintain your pool throughout the season. So take note of these points, keep the filters clean, test the chemical level everyday and vacuum the pool each week. Remove all the leaves and debris from the bottom giving your home swimming pool a neat and tidy look.

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