The Effect of Steam Bath After Workout


Steam bath is a holistic treatment to flush out toxins from your body. Mainly used in spas or wellness centres, steam bath provides you a refreshing experience and keeps your body cleans from all kinds of impurities. It is slightly different from sauna as it uses wet heat instead of dry. The ceiling of steam rooms is intentionally made to the point that allows condensed moisture to flow down to the walls instead of dripping onto patrons. Origin of the steam bath comes from the roman bath which began during the reign of the Roman Empire. These roman baths were supplied by the natural hot springs beneath the ground.

Nowadays you will find steam bath in almost every spa or high-end gym. It has several benefits some of which are mentioned below:

Keeps your skin healthy

Research has shown that the steam baths after workout are highly beneficial for the skin, offering an organic treatment to your skin. The moist heat which is developed inside the steam room allows opening of your skin pores which indeed helps in removing dead skin and impurities and leaves the skin soft, clean and smooth.

Keep your body away from lung disorder

Regular use of steam bath after workout gives your body stealth like cover against many lung disorders such as bronchitis, sinusitis and allergic responses. Also some research has shown that steam bath gives an immediate relief from the common cold and even improves the condition of patient having nasal hyperthermia.

Helps in muscle recovery process

After tiring sessions of weight lifting or running or any activity that causes physical strain, the steam bath allows your muscles to recover faster. It soothes your muscles; help relax stiff joints which ultimately fasten your recovery process.

Improves your cardiovascular health

During a steam bath session there is an increase in blood flow and circulation. Because of the heat released during workout, blood vessels expand. Blood pressure remains constant in a steam bath even though the heat rate can double. However, steam bath improves your condition.

Hopefully this article shed some light on the topic which many people are unaware of. Many steam, sauna bath rooms are becoming popular as more and more wellness centres are mushrooming in cities. So go for the steam generator to getting steam bath and enjoy the experience that will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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