Get Yourself the Luxury of Glass Shower Enclosures by Oyster Bath


Bathrooms are all the rage with homeowners. The urban consumers of today, wish to go beyond gyms and spas and consider developing their bathrooms into ‘wellness zones’. So, adding some elegance and charm to your bathroom, Oyster Bath offers you a fantastic range of Glass Shower Enclosures to complement your stylish and sophisticated taste.

Indulge yourself in an amazing and relaxing shower experience after a tiring day at work. The glass shower enclosures by Oyster Bath add a slice of luxury and grandeur to your simple bathing space. Oyster Bath ensures that the bathroom shower enclosures are designed using top-quality materials, they have impressive designs that can be beautifully complemented with your elegance. Oyster Bath products also offer guaranteed durability. These shower enclosures have passed rigorous performance tests and meet the highest safety standards.

Why you should get a glass shower enclosure for your home?

Easy to clean

As compared to other bathroom appliances, glass shower enclosures are easy to clean. As you have to just wipe the wet area, and the remaining space is left clean and dry.

Makes the bathroom looks spacious

If you have a small bathroom then worry not. All you need to do is to get a glass shower enclosure to make the space look bigger. Moreover, it will allow better airflow as compared to a metal frame shower stall or a traditional curtain.

You can customize

With Oyster Bath, you get the benefit of customizing the glass shower enclosures. You can explore the collection online and opt for a suitable design and style as per your specific need and convenience.

Adds value to your home

Getting a glass shower enclosure certainly adds value to your home and bathroom in particular. Upgrading your bathroom with a glass shower enclosure will make the bathroom space look pretty and pleasant.

Safe to use

Glass shower enclosures prevent water from spilling over a large area. As there will be less water on the floor, there will be fewer chances of slipping or falling down. Hence, these are safe and easy to use.

Glass Shower Enclosures by Oyster Bath:


This frameless shower enclosure enhances the elegance of your bathroom. The designer handle and dark marble strip add an element of sophistication. The key features of this bathroom shower enclosure include a top guide in chrome finish, designer handle, black color artificial marble strip, 2 fixed glass panels & one sliding door.


This is designed keeping in mind all the comfort and convenience. This is a foldable unit that frees up space in your bathroom/home, when not in use.


With a flawless design sense, high-quality materials, and robust construction, Crown is an attractive enclosure conducive for bathing.


This bathroom shower enclosure comes with exquisitely stylish and enduring features that make for a rejuvenating bathing experience.

Why Oyster Bath for Bathroom appliances?

-Oyster Bath guarantees durability with its amazing products

-The products by Oyster Bath are affordable and reliable

-The bathroom appliances by Oyster Bath are engineered with precision and customized in order to match the size and requirement of your bathroom space

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