Luxury and ease of rain shower heads by Oyster Bath


Those looking for bathroom appliances have countless options these days, and they are spoilt for choice when it comes to renovating their bathrooms. It is all thanks to advanced technology that bathrooms can be upgraded with state of the art comfortable and stylish bathroom appliances.

One item that has become widely popular in recent years is the rain shower head, with many homeowners opting to install these over traditional shower heads. Rain showers by Oyster Bath are famous for their amazing style, features and functionality.

It is time now, to give yourself a natural rain like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom and rejuvenate with your very own rain shower head.


A rain shower head is considered a luxury alternative to the smaller, more conventional shower head. A rain shower head hangs directly overhead and simulates the feeling of rainfall. They are wider in size and deliver a less concentrated stream of water than other shower heads, giving you a gentle and more relaxed experience.

Features of Rain shower heads by Oyster Bath
1. The large size allows you to enjoy your bathing experience just like how you would love to soak in the rain.
2. They provide a steady and even flow of water.
3. Contributing to the decor and style, rain shower heads by Oyster Bath are a great value addition to your bathroom.
4. Rain shower heads by Oyster Bath come with varied settings to create different bathing experiences.

Benefits of using a rain shower head?
1. A rain shower head can transform your shower into a spa-like environment with its gentle massage feature.
2. High quality rain shower heads can provide even better pressure than customary heads while offering a broader spray area over the body.
3. They are just the perfect accessory considering the elegant look that they add to the bathroom.
4. They allow you to completely rinse off your body in one go without having the worry that you missed soap or shampoo on some spots.
5. It gives you the perfect feeling of soaking in the rain.

Best rain shower heads by Oyster Bath
1. Brook Shower 500 -

Brook Shower 500 is extravagant yet elegant. It takes you to a whole new level of bathing. It blends the classic stainless steel look with a choice of showerheads and chromotherapy features.

2. Brook Shower 600 –

This rain shower with a stainless steel surface and mirror finish design adds to the beauty of the space. It is equipped with several features to make your experience a memorable one.

3. Brook Shower 800 -

Brook showers are excellent in almost every way. The brook shower range is composed of stainless steel reflecting a mirror finish. Oyster Bath's Brook Shower 800 is the greatest shower in the range. It combines three swirl shower jets taking your bathing experience to a new high.

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