Oyster Bathtub To Upgrade Overall Look of The Bathroom


Reviving an old washroom need not require a complete change or overhaul. Oyster Bath adds style and character at an affordable price. For a minimalist look, choose a freestanding bathtub or enjoy the added benefits of hand shower panels with our integrated bath combinations.

You can also enhance your experience by keeping your favorite music while you rejuvenate. Invest in a good music system as it has a great impact on your mood. If you are installing a sound system, maximize the sound quality by placing the two speakers in the opposite corners of the room.

Nothing gives you more bang for the buck than simply replacing the old and inefficient bathtub. Another low-cost and high-impact facelift is to swap out the tired old bath. You can use accessories with new stylish ones as well as add new ones that bring more functionality to your bathing space. Adding small things such as towel rings, tumblers, soap dishes, and extra shelves will not only beautify your bath but also keep you organized. Even a small change like using new hardware such as knobs and drawer pulls may lead to a dramatic new sparkle.

Installing a new mirror or even more than one will reflect more light to light up your space and make your bathroom seem a lot larger. Another way to freshen your bathroom and add more discreet storage is to replace the cabinet with a new one or add another one for greater convenience. These are small things that uplift the overall look of the bathroom.

Oyster Bath is a leading bathtub manufacturer in India. They create their bathtubs in a very new and innovative way to offer you the best bathing experience helping you relax both mentally and physically. Every unit of the luxury bathtubs is designed keeping several factors in mind catering to individual style needs and requirements. So just dip into the aura of luxury and let all the worries slip away with Oyster bathtubs.

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