Style Your Bathroom with Oyster’s Perfect Overhead Shower Collection


If you have ever enjoyed a rain shower at a spa or hotel, you may probably be a little eager to bring that gentle and relaxing shower experience home so that you can feel like you are at the spa every day. The market today is full of a wide variety of overhead showers to complete your wish and experience.

But here are a few points which you must remember while selecting or choosing your rain shower head –

1. Choose the shape

2. Choose the finish

3. Choose the size

4. Is it suitable for the current bathroom style and design?

5. Choose wall or ceiling mount

Advantages of overhead showers

1. Quick installation.

2. Overhead showers consist of easy-to-clean nozzles

3. They are filled with a steady and even flow of water

4. They consist of various settings to create different experiences

5. They consist of a great décor style to match with your luxury bathroom and home

6. They have various spray settings including from relaxing natural rainfall to a whole concentrated spray for rinsing

7. The number of sizes allow the complete rain shower experience

Oyster Bath is continuously designing and redefining aesthetics, water design, and functionality. The collection offers incentives for bathroom designs setting new benchmarks for exclusivity and individuality. Designed to give the ultimate experience of showering, overhead showers are often engineered to deliver multiple settings from drenching the rainstorm to a water-saving trickle.

The overhead showers offer a tickling effect on the body in an enthusiastic bath. However, we at Oyster Bath strive to bring a whole new set of styles and sizes in the shower which satisfies all your desires. The overhead showers uplift your mind, body, and soul. They are packed with sleek designs and characteristics to deliver an oozing effect on every thought so that you can have that perfect bathing experience.

Visit Oyster’s overhead shower collection now!

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