Rejuvenate with Spa bath products by Oyster bath


Not all of us can afford the luxury of a day at Spa or there are even times when we might have time constraints to visit a spa. The busy lifestyle demands relaxation and we need to keep the stress at Bay. So how about getting a spa at your home? Experience this heavenly feeling of having a spa tub at your home with none other than Oyster Bath. Choose a multifunctional spa bathtub from the leading spa bathtubs manufacturers - Oyster Bath that provides the best of products.

Oyster Bath gives you world-class spa products, helping you to experience wellness like never before. Relax into the pleasure trove of the spa tub and simply feel the aura of rejuvenation. Presenting to you here are some of the features from Oyster Bath’s spa bath products that you look forward to while getting a spa for your home:


- Ozonizer
With an amazing oxidizing property of removing the bacteria from the water, you can simply elevate your spa experience by ozone generation into your spa. With no residue leaving behind, you can have an enriched spa time at your home.

- Paper filtration system
This system consists of pleated paper that fits inside a cylindrical space formed into the side of a fiber glass spa shell, or the cartridge fits inside a small round canister located near the pump. Dirty water from the spa in drawn outside of this filter element and passe through the element. The dirt and debris are then filtered properly thereby giving a clean and safe bathing water.

• Efficient thermal regulation
The control system of the spa performs better in terms of its thermal capacity and conserves energy. By reducing the required temperature before switching the heater on, one can get consistent temperature thereby reducing the costs related.

• Superior cabinet insulation
Retains heat from the pumps and insulates it from losing heat due to the environment around it. This helps in decreasing the loss of heat and running costs. You can have a comfortable spa experience without any worry related to cost and energy.

• Power saving smart meter
The power saving option in the smart meter allows the user to regulate energy consumption and usage to a great extent. You can effectively control the meter and the system according to your convenience.

Why spa is beneficial?

The spa is associated with water treatment and it is synonymous to relaxing mind, body and soul. The spa experience comes with numerous health benefits. Over the years, these have migrated from hotels, gyms and have acquired a space straight into our homes. Spas are now one of the most sought after luxuries for many. A good spa day at your home brings to you the following health benefits:

- One of the most effective ways to unwind and relax.
- A natural cure to insomnia.
- Efficiently treats back pain and headaches.
- Gives you personal care treatment.
- Eases out tired and stiff muscles.

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