Add a style statement to your bathroom with shower enclosure at Oyster Bath


With the advancement in technology, our living standards have increased and we want the best for ourselves. With this, how we choose to bath has also evolved over the years. The choice and preferences with respect to how the bathroom should look, how the available space in the bathroom can be best utilized, and moreover which bathroom appliances at best price we can opt that are worth every penny. Fret not! Oyster Bath is the answer to all your questions. Add a style statement to your bathroom with an exclusive range of Bathroom shower enclosures by Oyster Bath.

A bathroom shower cabin or shower enclosure comes in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Oyster Bath ensures that the bathroom shower enclosures are designed in a manner that not just cater to our demands but at the same time it also compliments the space and decor of the bathroom. The bathroom shower enclosures by Oyster Bath have passed rigorous performance tests and meet the highest quality standards.

Bathroom shower enclosures keep your bathroom neat and clean and you can buy an amazing shower in India easily at Oyster Bath.


- Oyster Bath guarantees durability with its amazing products.
- The products by Oyster Bath are heavier and durable.
- Affordable to your budget
- The bathroom appliances by Oyster Bath are engineered with precision and customized in order to match the size and requirement of your bathroom space.

Bathroom shower enclosures by Oyster Bath:

1. Heaven of inspiration- Marino

This frameless shower enclosure enhances the elegance of your bathroom. The designer handle and dark marble strip add an element of sophistication. The key features of this bathroom shower enclosure include a top guide in chrome finish, designer handle, black color artificial marble strip, 2 fixed glass panels & one sliding door.

2. Strikingly attractive- Crown

With flawless design sense, high-quality materials, and construction, Crown is an attractive enclosure conducive for bathing.

3. Sublime/vogue

This bathroom shower enclosure comes with exquisitely stylish and enduring features that make for a rejuvenating bathing experience.

4. Simply outstanding- Draw

This is designed keeping in mind all the comfort and convenience. This is a foldable unit that frees up space in your bathroom when not in use.

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