Set For An Altogether New Bathing Experience With Rain Showers By Oyster Bath


There’s no denying the fact that with the changing times, bathrooms are all the rage with the homeowners. The urban consumers are ready to de-stress and rejuvenate by turning up their bathrooms into experiential wellness zones. One such key bathroom appliance that has been adding elegance to the decor of the bathrooms is Rain showers by Oyster Bath. A rain shower is a top or ceiling-mounted shower and the entire collection of Rain Showers by Oyster Bath is available in various forms and sizes catering to your needs.

So, enhance your bathroom style by installing overhead showers by Oyster Bath for an ultimate bathing experience.


- Rain Showers are famous for their style and easy-to-use functions.
- These provide a trickling effect on the body with amazing health benefits.
- Gives you a waterfall-like bathing experience at your home itself
- It brings comfort and a soothing sensation to your mind, body, and soul.
- Gives you much-needed rejuvenation.

Varied functions of the rain showers offered by Oyster Bath:
Choose a shower with multi shower heads and revolutionize your bathing experience with these features:

- They are designed in a way to let you enjoy the steady water flow.
- The ample size allows one to enjoy a full-on rain shower experience.
- They have varied settings to create a varied experience.
- With great decor styles, the rain showers by Oyster Bath give you a complete luxury feel in your bathroom.

At Oyster Bath you get an array of Rain Shower designs to choose from:
- Brook 300 is one of the initial models of the Brook series. It has a rain shower and a mist shower.
- Brook 600 adds a gracious allure to your space. It has a rain shower, a mist shower, central cascade shower with integrated chromotherapy.
- Brook 800 is one of the greatest showers in the range.  It combines three swirl shower jets that take bathing to a different level.
- Brook faucets range is composed of stainless steel, reflecting a mirror finish.

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