Spas And Their Safety Barriers


Are you installing a spa tub in your dream home? Then be ready to indulge in the therapeutic tubs and experience the ultimate pleasure in your comfort zone. These days spa bathtubs have become a status symbol and luxurious accessory for bathroom decor; than a simple tub for soaking.

Spa tubs come with several barriers. One should not ignore the safety aspects of using a spa treatment at home. A healthy, safe and relaxing soaking time gives a wonderful experience.

It is always good to take defensive measures than to search for remedies in times of distress. So, make your pool time safe and trouble free with these helpful tips and enjoy the long time benefits:

Maintain sanitizer & pH scale of water: Hot water attracts bacteria and other contaminants, so always check total alkalinity and pH levels before entering in the tub.
Periodic testing with a bacteria test can confirm whether your ozonizer is working correctly or not by exposing harmful bacteria’s in the water.
Use a separate bucket for mixing chemicals and other products while cleaning the tub. It will prevent the spa shell.
Say no to alcohol during the spa. Hot water has the tendency to amplify the effects of drinks, and it might cause overheating and drowsiness.
Instead of consuming alcohol, drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and keep it regulated.
Avoid medicines before entering the spa tub. It can cause a drop in heart rate, dehydration, drowsiness, and other hostile reactions.
Long soaks in too hot water can cause over-heating, and medical complications might invoke. Limiting the spa session for 15 minutes is good for your health. Test the temperature of water independently from your spa control using a floating thermometer.
Always check with your pediatrician before bringing children into the tub. Do not leave children unattended in hot water or regular water either. Pregnant women should be more cautious during the spa time. Submerging in hot water for a long time may raise body temperature and harm the baby.
Transform your bathing time into pleasure troves and support wellness through the water. Choose the most promising spa tub from the wide range of Oyster bath and feel the exhilarating aura of soothing ripples.

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