Take Your Bathing Experience To The Next Level


Who doesn't long for a relaxing bath in a big tub filled with smooth, gentle bubbles and fragrant oils? After being on our toes at work, handling strict deadlines while striving through the city's traffic among the loud honking horn of vehicles, all we need is a good bath. A bath that washes away all the dirt and dust along with the tiredness. And who wouldn't like a bathing experience that will not only cleanse our body but would also relax the stressed muscles?

Herbal baths have been gaining some attention for a few years now, but they have been present for a few thousand years. Herbal baths have been proven to be therapeutic and medically beneficial as they have properties that heal and improve overall health.

Wondering, if you have to book those multi-star hotels and spas to experience this luxury bathing? Well, we can help you! Here is the list of ingredients that will turn your usually boring bathing experience into a luxurious one in a pocket-friendly way!

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is well-known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. When you mix it will milk internal wounds heal but when you add it with water your skin glows. Turmeric removes dead skin cells and enhances the glow but be careful as it can leave an imprint too.

2. Seawood

Seawood is beneficial in reducing cellulite's appearance and has purifying qualities. The best way to take advantage of Seawood is by adding it to the bathing water after being soaked in boiled water for an hour. You have to be cautious it may affect the blood pressure.

3. Ginger

For years we have been adding ginger to tea to enhance its taste but did you know adding it in bathing is also beneficial. Ginger removes the body's toxins that are related to cold and flu. A person might sweat profusely after a bath due to the removal of toxins. Ginger also promotes circulation to the reproductive organ.

4. Beer

Beer is often responsible for the happy hours we don't remember so vividly! Germans have identified that beer can aid in dissolving psoriasis and other skin conditions. Beer baths provide various skin nutrients that help in healing.

5. Essential Oil

Essential oils have been spreading positive vibes through their fragrance for a long time but they also have health benefits too! Adding one drop of rose, lavender, and orange essential oil can leave a positive impact on your body! All these oils have properties that help your body.

  • Rose is known for healing the heart.
  • Lavender soothes your troubled emotions and reduces stress.
  • Orange silently boosts your mood with the help of its antidepressant properties.
  • For this optimum bath add one drop of these oils just 20mins before you get in your tub.

6. Milk

We have been fed a lot with the fact that milk is beneficial for bones but there are hidden benefits too. Milk contains 3 acids that heal skin in their own way. Oleic acid helps in moisturizing skin while fighting aging symptoms. Vaccenic acid improves skin moisture and protects it and linoleic helps in reducing inflammation and lightens spots.

Bathing isn't just about cleansing our body, it is more! It's a rejuvenating experience. But the daily struggles and responsibilities often take away our pleasure. There are many benefits to bathing, including relaxing the muscles, cleansing the skin, and improving circulation. Taking a bath can also help you wind down before bed and improve your sleep quality. While you add a few things you can do to turn your ordinary bathing experience into a luxury one don’t forget to take your time! Let your baths every moment be savored.

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