The Health Benefits of Steam Baths You Need to Know About


Ever wondered about the health benefits of a steam bath? A simple means to relax and unwind, steam baths do provide numerous benefits to your health. While everyone loves to get pampered after a tiring day at work, things become much more convenient when you’re given the choice to enjoy a rejuvenating experience along with the health benefits of a steam bath at home. Who would deny such an indulgence?

With Oyster Bath, you can experience the luxury of a steam room in the comfort of your home. Oyster is a leading supplier of steam bath equipment, all of which is designed brilliantly to fit your bathroom requirements.
Now, let’s take a look at the amazing health benefits of Steam bath


1. Gives you glowing skin:

The steam helps to clean skin impurities and helps to treat problems like acne. It also helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, which in turn gives you a glowing skin and makes you feel great from within.

2. Helps reduce stress:

The heat from the sauna releases endorphins and leaves you with a 'feel good' mood thereby reducing stress. Many feel rejuvenated after a steam bath and they are all set to begin the day with utmost positivity.

3. Helps reduce joint pain:

One of the less-known benefits of steam bath is that helps to reduce joint pain and relaxes muscles thereby uplifting your mood.

4. Post-workout recovery:

Your muscles are in desperate need of relaxation post a workout session. A steam bath helps in giving this much-needed relaxation to the muscles and you feel charged up instantly.

5. Gets you a good night’s rest:

Bathing in the steam room betters your sleeping habits. If you are suffering from insomnia, then a steam bath can come to your rescue and give you a good night's sleep!

Let’s explore the steam rooms by Oster Bath:

Oyster's steam rooms are designed to bring a world of rejuvenation into your life. A combination of the most advanced features and functions ensures a healthy bathing experience and holistic wellness.

1. Amas 3P ST
A) 6KW steam generator with steam auto drain functions

B) Chromotherapy

C) FM Radio, CD Compatibility & USB

2. Kara 5P ST
A) 8KW steam generator with steam auto drain functions.

B) Reinforced acrylic body with integrated sitting space

C) Concealed bath mixer with shower pack hand shower

3. Kazi 6P ST
A. Seating capacity for 6 people

B. 9KW steam generator with steam auto drain functions

C. Designer shower tray with concealed drain

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