Get Yourself an Oyster Bath Sauna at Home


Did you know that frequent Sauna baths significantly reduce the risk of stroke? Sauna bathing comes with numerous health benefits and improves your quality of life. So why not indulge in this relaxing experience with Oyster Bath’s Sauna room after a tiring day to release pent-up stress? Pamper yourself with an exclusive range of beautifully designed Sauna rooms available at your home with Oyster Bath, capable of catering to your modern-day requirements.

Oyster Bath, no doubt emerges as a one-stop solution when it comes to choosing bathroom wellness products. Right from installation to time-to-time repairs Oyster Bath believes in providing top-quality services. Let’s take a look at the health benefits we can reap the benefits of through adding a sauna room to our very own houses:

Benefits of Sauna
Helps the body to get rid of toxins:

Saunas are a natural way of removing impurities from the body. As you take a sauna bath, the body sweats out harmful toxins, thereby giving you a natural means to clean your body.

Helps to maintain a healthy skin

Sauna bathing opens up the pores of your skin and promotes cellular growth thereby giving you glowing skin.

Reduces stress

With a hectic lifestyle, mayhem, and stress doing the rounds, a sauna bath comes as a relief. Sauna bathing increases energy and reduces stress and you are all charged up to get back to work with a positive mindset.

Sauna induces a deeper sleep

Research has shown that a deeper and more relaxed sleep can result from sauna use. The calming heat of the sauna works wonders to give you a good night's rest.

Increases metabolic rate

You burn hundreds of calories per session of sauna bathing and it can increase your metabolic rate over time. It is considered one of the best and easiest tools to lose weight.

Some of the Sauna rooms by Oyster Bath that you can look forward to adding to your house:

- Aria
This sauna room has a seating capacity for 2 and also includes features like a wooden pillow, sand timer, chromotherapy, USB & speaker, wooden heater guard, bucket with a ladle, and 3KW Sauna heater with Lava stone.

- Anon
With seating capacity for 3 people, this sauna room comes with features like a 4.5KW sauna heater with Lava stone, temperature clock, wooden heater guard and wooden exhaust vent, chromotherapy, etc.

- Oris
With seating capacity for 4 persons, Oris comes with features like sand timer, 6KW Sauna heater with Lava stone, wooden pillow, USB & speaker, bucket with a ladle, chromotherapy, etc.

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