What to Look for in a Freestanding Bathtub


Considered a symbol of luxury and sophistication, freestanding bathtubs certainly make for a good investment. Oyster Bath is a proud manufacturer of stylish and elegant bathtub designs. With a wide variety of options, each different from the other, freestanding bathtubs by Oyster Bath make for a great fitting for your bathroom. These are one of the most popular products by Oyster Bath, so we have come up with a guide to help you out with deciding what factors you can consider while choosing the best freestanding bathtub for your bathroom. Read on…

1. Dimensions matter:

You need to understand what sized tub you are looking for. Since there is an array of options available to choose from, when you come to Oyster Bath, one generally tends to get confused. So, considering size dimensions is one of the factors which will help you narrow down your options and allow you to think as per your space requirement.

2. Style counts:

The amount of space you have in your bathroom mainly influences what style is suitable for you. While you may be inclined towards purchasing an oval-shaped freestanding bathtub, your bathroom restricts you to buy a round shape freestanding bathtub.

3. The material in use

Some floors may not be able to withstand the weight of a heavy freestanding bathtub. Homes with a weak structural foundation may not be able to support the weight and hence, at Oyster Bath you get a team of experts who are there to guide you with what suits your needs the best and which design would go well with your bathroom decor.

4. Faucet

One of the most important details that you must consider while choosing a freestanding bathtub is the type of faucet you wish to add to your bathtub. The style of faucet you choose actually changes the entire look of your bathtub and also impacts your bathing experience.

Some of the amazing designs of free-standing bathtubs by Oyster Bath you can choose from:

- Mermaid
- Bamhan
- Olmec
- Riviera
- Petra
- Simbel
- Sphinx
- Dazu
- Vanito
- Oliver

All these free-standing bathtubs by Oyster Bath are brilliantly designed and add an immense amount of comfort and luxury to your bathroom.

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