Turn Stress into a Distant Memory with a Whirlpool Bathtub


A bathtub has long been more than just a space created for personal hygiene or merely a bathroom wellness product. It has been a space to unwind, get lost in thought, relax and be your most natural self. Whirlpool Bathtubs by Oyster Bath take this experience up a notch. The health benefits that come from using a Whirlpool Bathtub over a regular one are numerous.

First and foremost, Whirlpool Bathtubs are a health investment. As a Bathtub manufacturer, Oyster Bath ensures only the very best technology is used in their Whirlpool systems and constantly focus all efforts toward bettering these bath fixtures even further. Their availability in different sizes and shapes makes them a desirable option to you, no matter the available space or your personal preferences.

How are Whirlpool Bathtubs the answer to having a healthy lifestyle?

1. They ease muscle pain, and are especially effective in relieving post workout aches and pains
2. They help reduce mental and physical stress
3. They make the skin glow and look clear
4. They improve blood circulation
5. They slow down the process of aging


Oyster offers a wide selection of Whirlpool Bathtubs that are not only beautiful, but also possess the best designs and have an incredible range of functions. Here’s a list of some of the bath manufacturer’s very best bathtubs-

1. Dover
2. Vigour
3. Frontal
4. Nixie
5. Symphony
6. Marena
7. Mesi
8. Seaside
9. Bliss
10. Drizzle

Some incredible functions of Oyster Bath Whirlpool Bathtubs-

1. Integrated water level sensors that automatically detect when water is about to overflow and prevent wastage
2. Underwater LED lights that facilitate Chromotherapy
3. Paper filtration system to remove bacteria from the bath water
4. Hydro jets in order to enable Hydrotherapy sessions
5. Digital Touchpad panel to control the settings without having to get out of the tub
6. Pop-up hand shower to wash up

The list of reasons why you should install an Oyster Whirlpool Bathtub can go on and on because there is nothing that these beautiful fixtures lack. Bringing one of these luxurious bathtubs home will be a decision no one can regret.

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