Let Off some Steam with the Tulia Steam Column from Oyster Bath


The benefits that come from steam are innumerable, and the desire to experience a steam bath in your very own spa is one that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Oyster Bath’s Tulia Steam Column facilitates and fulfils exactly this desire.

The Tulia Touch & Steam Column from Oyster is specifically crafted to recreate the warmth and rejuvenation of a Hammam, the traditional Turkish bath which is widely associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire. It is the finest quality steam column by Oyster Bath, and goes through thorough examination against various parameters. The Tulia allows you to experience a touch of magic right in your own home.


1. Steam is known to be helpful in clearing stuffy nasal passages, making a steam column the perfect way to clear congested sinuses
2. Steam showers are the perfect way to wind down after a workout. They open the capillaries and remove metabolic waste that builds up in muscles, causing soreness.
3. The property of steam that widens capillaries and blood vessels also helps improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.
4. Steam is good for the skin as it opens pores, which allows perspiration to run freely. This, in turn, helps to clean pores and leaves the skin clear.
5. Steam columns are relaxing, aid stress management and treat insomnia.


1. Advanced Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology
2. Turkish Bath 4.5 KW Integrated Steam Generator with Timer
3. Chromotherapy RGB
4. Unique Feature of Water Temperature Equalization Chamber which Facilitates Continuous Flow of Seam, with no Pauses and No Cold Spots
5. Comes with a Precision Temperature Probe for Optimal Steam Room Temperature Control
6. Water Solenoid Delivers Whisper-Quiet Anti-hammer Operation
7. Automatic Capture Water Function
8. Auto Lock Screen Key Function

With more and more home buyers seeking to add a high-end touch, bathroom fittings seem to be the solution to enhancing the overall value of a home. Bathroom wellness products are particularly in demand, which places a special appeal to installing a steam column. The fascinating frosted sheet glass design, state-of-the-art steam generating technology, superior touch controls and magical lights that the Tulia Steam Column is fitted with, allow you to enjoy a choice of steam, chromotherapy and much more. This is more than enough to make it the perfect addition to your bathing space.

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