A Shower Enclosure is All you Need to make your Dull bathroom Look Glamorous


If you’re looking for a tranquil and therapeutic bath experience, then you’re at the right place because Oyster Bath has the answer for you. A shower enclosure does a lot more than just keep your bathroom dry and clean. It creates a tranquil ambiance and adds a sophisticated aura to an otherwise plain bathroom.

Created with the highest quality materials, this range of products also features highly sophisticated designs. Precision engineered and customizable to your specifications. Oyster Bath Shower Enclosures cater to everyone, no matter the available space and décor of your bathing space.

Benefits of having your very own Oyster Bath Shower Enclosure:

- It enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathing area.
- The incredibly tough Oyster Glass is also incredibly easy to clean.
- The glass is tough, safe, durable and low on maintenance, and does not need descaling.
- Designed to adapt to the existing space, it does not encroach on your bathroom, but rather makes it appear larger.
- You can customize the enclosure according to your need, with a range of designs to choose from.


1. Dassh Series

This unique shower enclosure transforms the aura of your bathroom. Elegantly designed, it exhibits our passion for innovation and the desire to create products that not only look beautiful but meet contemporary demands. It is easy to install a ceiling-mounted shower or steam column within the enclosure for an intense experience.

2. Trifle

The highly advanced and contemporary frameless design, with an easily accessible door, redefines comfort and luxury. The strong glass connectors make the enclosure safe and durable.

3. Cameo

This shower enclosure with a sliding door is created to perfection. It adds space to your bathroom rather than detracting from it. With a partition even on the inside, the enclosure effortlessly separates wet and dry spaces. Due to the frameless structure, durability and comfort are ensured.

4. Caster

A serene experience is guaranteed with this collection of enclosures. The U-shaped frame ensures structural integrity and durability. The mirror finish provides a unique aura and creates a blissful mood.

Find an escape from all your worries as you indulge yourself with one of Oyster’s finest products. It is India’s one-stop destination to buy the best shower enclosures for bathrooms.

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