There’s nothing you’ll be left wanting once you bring an Oyster Multi System into your life and your home


Shower Cabins are multi-systems that relax and detoxify the body. As a result, they leave you feeling energetic and fresh. Oyster Bath ensures that you get the best bathing experience through this top-quality product that is designed to go above and beyond, meeting your every requirement. You can recreate the cozy environment of a rejuvenating sauna in your very own home after you install this revolutionary bathroom fitting and add value to an otherwise mundane bathing experience. Shower Cabins are available in a range of different designs and can be installed in any space as per your requirement.

What makes Shower Cabins all the more appealing is that they come along with great many health benefits when used on a regular basis. Today, people are becoming aware of the health benefits that a steam bath provides at an ever-increasing pace, and are remodeling their bathrooms with this modern fitting that packs a punch. Its benefits are innumerable, but a few of them are:

• It cleans and detoxifies the body
• It stimulates and activates the immune system
• It is an effective treatment for respiratory diseases

Oyster’s aesthetic and intelligently functional steam showers are fitted with the latest technology and features that enhance the bathing experience and rejuvenate your body and soul. Some of the special features of the Shower Cabins are:

• The steam generators in a Shower Cabin are built specifically to maximize your exposure to the steam
• The cabins have an in-built ozonizer function. You can switch it on after a steam bath to kill the bacteria inside the cabin
• There is a one-roof shower along with a hand shower. Enjoy your bath with either one or both, depending on your mood
• Our exclusive range of Shower Cabins also have special body jets to give you a hydro massage
• Some of the multi-systems are also equipped with RGB light for chromotherapy
• A large number of these cabins are equipped to provide aromatherapy
• Our cabins allow you to enjoy and relax while listening to music as you bathe, with an in-built FM system.

There are many Shower Cabin options available at Oyster Bath for you to browse through and help you choose the very best one for your bathing area. We provide you with unique and beautiful products that will fit your bathroom like a missing puzzle piece while giving you the best experience. Here is a list of a few of Oysters very Best Shower Cabin Multi-Systems:

1. Omega
2. Cascade
3. Crystal
4. Precision white
5. Lagoon
6. Dassh
7. Fusion white
8. Fusion black
9. Mistee
10. Imperial

Oyster multi-systems give you the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and personal indulgence. If you’re looking for a flawless bathing experience, then they are tailor-made to suit your needs. With all the advanced wellness features incorporated into one product, Oyster Shower Cabins will ensure that you are left feeling like your best self each time you bathe.

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