It’s Time for the Festival of Lights; It’s Time to Enjoy some Oyster Bath Chromotherapy


Does looking at vibrant colours, lights, flowers, rangolis, and Diyas make you smile without a reason? The beauty of this kind makes most of us joyful even when we are in a poor state of mind. Chromotherapy, which is often called colour therapy, employs colour and light to bring about the equilibrium of your physiological and psychological state of being. It allows you to relax so that every element of your mind and body is in sync. It is believed that each colour carries its own unique frequency and vibration. Many practitioners of Feng bring colour into their homes and workplaces for optimum balance of energy.

Our environment has become a source of stress from a very young age and seeking different forms of therapy is now a common practice. Rather than looking for an expensive outlet for the accumulated stress somewhere outside, you can choose to bring home an Oyster Bath fixture fitted with chromotherapy lights. With the hustle and bustle that takes place during the festive season, we all just want to destress and enjoy the lights and beauty that come with the festivities. Oyster Bath has a range of fixtures that allow you to do just that with their chromotherapy provision. The lights in our wellness-oriented bathroom fittings will have a soothing effect on you while also allowing you to enjoy that lit up Diwali atmosphere all year round.

Benefits of Chromotherapy
• It aims to target the core of every illness by restoring the balance between the body’s electrical and magnetic field
• Revitalises and practically resets the psychological and hormonal system
• Be it the body’s cells or organs, it re-energizes every atom of the body
• Reduces blood pressure
• Fights depression, bulimia, and other psychosomatic conditions


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Oyster Bath is a pioneer in bathroom wellness products, keeps the latest interior design trends in mind, and employs an age-old, trusted therapy. We rely on the application of colour therapy in bathroom fittings, by facilitating showerheads and other fittings with coloured LED lights. We recommend that just 30 minutes of chromotherapy is enough for your mind and body to feel revived. So bring home a chromotherapy-fitted product this Diwali and dive into the world of Oyster Wellness.

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