Time to re-do every corner of your house, even your bathroom!


It’s time to re-decorate and Oyster Bath has all the answers if you’re stuck on what to do with your bathroom.
It’s the festive season with Diwali, Christmas and the New Year right around the corner. So, what better time than this, to redecorate and switch things up in your home? If that isn’t a reason enough to motivate you, then this blog should definitely do the trick because we guarantee that you will want to remodel your bathroom after reading through to the end. Your bathroom is an extremely private space and it is a representation of your personal style. It is a place where you must be comfortable and must have all the right fixtures and amenities to comfort you. With careful planning, by having a rough idea of the kind of style, look, and bathroom fittings, and also a little help from Oyster bath, your dream bathroom can soon become a reality.

1. Layout

Before you start remodeling your bathroom, the first and most essential step is to have a rough idea of the ultimate look that you want the space to have. It is important to know the kind of fittings, theme, colours, floor plan and layout you desire. What you must do is create a mental image of your dream bathroom before you go about figuring out how to make it a viable reality. Once you have a mental picture, you can set a budget and time frame, and see how much of this picture you can replicate within that.

2. Theme

What one often forgets when trying to choose the very best bathroom fittings individually, is how they look in unison. It is necessary for your newly renovated bathroom to radiate a sense of harmony, wherein the décor and fittings do not clash in an unappealing manner. If all the fixtures and accessories portray a constant theme and style, the environment created within the space will be one of calmness and relaxation rather than haphazard. The bathroom is not just a space where you finish your business and leave as soon as possible. It is a place where you can unwind and be yourself.

3. Fittings

The fittings and fixtures you install in your bathroom should be in sync with one another, but it is also important for them to satisfy you in their functionality and user-friendliness. When customizing your bathing space, the final design often has matching countertops and built-in cabinets around certain areas of the room and this layout goes a long way in adding to the aesthetic appeal. However, if you are trying to cut down on costs and want to elevate the appeal of the space without actually tearing it down, you should look for fixtures that fit in with your existing plumbing system. Oyster has many bathtubs, bathroom faucets, rain showers, shower columns, shower cabins and a lot more to choose from and we’re sure that you will find something that will fit perfectly into the space you have to offer while enhancing the bathing experience several-fold.

4. Lighting

One element that is taken lightly when remodeling the bathroom is ample lighting. The fine and elegant design of Oyster bath faucets, showers and other fittings will definitely give your bathroom an aura of grandeur. Since a lot of our products are fitted with chromotherapy lights, Oyster tries to bring a bright, cheerful, and relaxing environment to a bathing space. However, without enough ambient lighting, you may drown the beauty of your new bathroom in a murky and dim setting. Likewise, well-designed vanity lighting is capable of eliminating the shadows on faces. Overhead lighting is very important and an overall bright environment is important to create an illusion of space and a clean look. As for ambient options, you can always consider the use of frosted glass fixtures, rice paper or concealed lights. Likewise, perimeter lighting is also capable of creating both soft, ambient glow, as well as useful light which brings out the splendor of your newly redone bathing space.

Whether you want to spend big and make an absolutely new and refined bathing space or just redo your original bathroom with new fitting and finishing to give it a fresh look, Oyster has something for you. So don’t hold back on indulging yourself because this is a space all of your own and you deserve the very best. We wish you good luck in having the most refined and tasteful bathroom you can possibly dream of!

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