What type of bathtub is better for your bathroom


Options abound while shopping for a new bathtub and hence confusion prevails which one would best suit your needs and available space in your bathroom. Well, upgrading the look of your bathroom with an elegant looking bathtub can be challenging at times but with Oyster Bath, you do not have to worry about such things as the brand gives you an array of options to choose from. Here’s taking a look at some of the best bathtub units designed by Oyster Bath:


Whirlpool bathtubs apart from being a global phenomenon, these are also best known for giving a relaxing bathing experience. These are designed with an option of air jet tubes and water jet tubes. The advantage of whirlpools is also that these can be used for a spa-like atmosphere with the addition of scented bath oils.

Benefits of Whirlpools:

- Gives you a glowing skin
- Reduces stress
- Eases out on muscle pain
- Slows down aging process
- Improves blood circulation


Enjoy the massage techniques with Hydromassage bathtub by Oyster Bath that is applied to the human body thermally, mechanically or chemically through the water. All you have to do is to just soak yourself in Hydromassage bathtub to enjoy the health benefits of this masterpiece. Experience the absolutely rejuvenating experience via water jet tubes as it helps to relax muscles, relieve muscular pain & tension. This bathtub is especially beneficial for people with chronic pain or neck injuries etc.

Benefits of Hydromassage:

- Relaxes & stimulates the muscles.
- Prevents headache and eye strain
- Improves circulation thereby nourishing the skin.
- Prevents long term respiratory difficulties.
- Reduces anxiety and gives a feeling of well being.
- Helpful for the relaxing the muscles.

Air massage:

Air massage is also best known as bubble massage. This process of bathing mainly involves air massage, a technique by which warm air is pushed through an air jet that creates bubbles which randomly travel all over the body surface to deliver a holistic bathing experience. One of the provisions with air massage bathing experience is that you can adjust the intensity of air jets according to your convenience.

Benefits of Air Massage:

- The intensity of bubbles can be controlled.
- Gives you much-needed relaxation and fills you with calmness.
- An effective technique of full body massage.
- Air massage tubs do not demand large floor space.
- Gives you a good circulation
- Air compressor can be placed anywhere
- With Air massage, it is safe to use bath oils, mud masks, and sea salts.

With these amazing units of luxury bathtubs and an array of options to choose from, get yourself numerous health benefits with Oyster Bath and enjoy the luxury of life with Oyster Bath products.

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