Whirlpool bathtub hydrotherapy is a wormhole into the world of wellness


Hot springs help to dilate blood vessels, escalating blood flow to sore or damaged tissues. Whirlpools can slow down your aging process. At Oyster, we recreate the same benefits for you using a concoction of water, heat, and air through advanced and quality bath products. We promote health and wellness through various water therapies that our whirlpool and spa bathtubs are capable of. As an incredible feature of our products, Hydrotherapy boosts your immune system and increases metabolic rate and digestion. You can simply relax your body with this therapy as it eases all your tight muscles.

Here are some benefits of having Hydrotherapy in your life and in your bathroom:

- Boosts the immune system.
- Increases metabolic rate, thus aiding digestion
- Increases waste elimination, therefore assists in detoxification
- Eases tight muscles and encourages relaxation
- Stimulates blood circulation and supply, improving organ functioning
- Hydrates cells, improves skin and muscle tone
- Eliminates long term respiratory difficulties such as asthma & bronchitis
- Relieves tension, headache, and eye strain

Oyster Bath’s whirlpool bathtubs contain a swirling body of water. They have jets that project water in a flowing, circular motion, which in turn offers a wide array of health benefits, including relaxation, improved blood circulation, and sore muscle and joint relief. Oyster Bath has a range of whirlpool bathtubs and also some spa bathtubs that offer these whirlpool benefits. Some of these are:


- Dover
- Vigour
- Frontal
- Nixie
- Symphony
- Marena
- Mesi
- Seaside
- Bliss
- Drizzle

Spa Bathtubs with Whirlpool benefits-

- Tranquil
- Caspian
- Azra
- Oriana
- Ambaris
- Bakyard Oasis
- Hydra
- Ahava
- Neosha
- Zarya
- Divine
- Envisage
- Colosseum
- Wallow

A whirlpool bath, in addition to the health benefits and rejuvenating experience, also gives you a space to unwind and feel free with your thoughts, thus reducing any kind of stress. With Oyster Bath’s whirlpool bathtubs and spas, designed with skill and technological innovation, you can set yourself free and let your imagination come alive.

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