Why should one soak in top-rated Whirlpool bathtubs by Oyster: Complete buyer’s guide.


It is no secret that water heals our body and mind. Healing by water is a complete process. By restoring the balance of the body’s vital elements, relieving pain and irritations, and providing comfort, water heals our body and calms our mind. As a result, we feel better with a fresh gush of energy both physically and mentally. Whirlpool bathtubs combine a variety of functions and hence are very popular in modern homes. People appreciate them not only for their advanced technologies that refresh an individual from deep inside but also due to the fact that whirlpool bathtubs make for a wonderful, stylish addition to luxurious, modern bathrooms.

The chief USP of Oyster whirlpool bathtubs is the fact that they offer one pro-health technology combining therapies- chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, air bubble therapy, and aromatherapy. Combined, these therapies offer a host of benefits to an individual.

Know the factors to check while buying a Whirlpool bathtub-

- Relief from stress and relaxation- The whirlpool bathtubs of Oyster are known for their techniques of delivering therapies that reduce physical, emotional, and mental stress. Exfoliation of skin, massaging of muscles by water jets, and a soothing water temperature calm mind and body.

- Pain Relief: These therapies extend a positive influence on functions of the heart and lungs. As a result, it decreases blood pressure, improves the immunity system of the body, and reduces pain in joints and muscles.

- Balance hormones: By restoring balance in the psychophysical and hormonal system, bathing in whirlpool bathtubs helps an individual to manage body pains and mood. The therapies act on the core of every illness and restore the balance between the body’s electrical and magnetic fields. Therefore, individuals suffering from depression, bulimia, and other psychosomatic conditions find relief by immersing in whirlpool bathtubs for a prolonged period.

- Improved sleep: Quality sleep enhances the well-being of the body and mind. Hydrotherapy by Oyster’s whirlpool bathtubs cures skin-related issues, stiffness in muscles, and inflammation in tissues. All of these result in improved sleep quality and holistic wellness.

- Better cardiovascular health: Research has shown that bathing in a hot whirlpool tub for a minimum of one hour burns a lot of calories. This is why India’s wellness partner Oyster has designed high-tech whirlpool bathtubs that enhance metabolism. Individuals who are into fitness and exercise, find soaking in Oyster’s bathtubs particularly helpful.

There is no match of Whirlpool bathtubs in relieving stress. Whether you are stressed after business meetings, long flights, intense workouts, or from a long day at the office, advanced whirlpool bathtubs never fail to take you to a whole new level of relaxation. Perhaps this holds trust for Oyster, a premium whirlpool bathtub manufacturer in India that has been delivering wellness to every Indian household. Oyster, India’s wellness partner matches up to the expectation of bathers. Hence, while buying one you can look forward to an intense bathing session and feel wonderful. Oyster’s whirlpool baths have advanced features to make water flow in a circular motion. Multiple body massage jets in each of the bathtubs massage the body muscles, releases good hormones, and fill one’s body and mind with a soothing feeling. So, make wellness an inseparable part of your life by getting Oyster’s affordable bathtubs.

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