Which is the best Whirlpool bathtub for your home?


This swirling body of water is the best kind of luxury you can add to your home. A Whirlpool Bathtub is an ideal way to add a bit of a splurge to your bathroom and a lot of wellness to your lifestyle. Backed by simple science, Whirlpool bathtubs offer hydrotherapy with a restorative experience. These are found in different shapes, sizes, colours, and functionalities, providing comfort and relief of the highest level. Apart from health benefits, psychological wellbeing is the reason why most people are preferring Whirlpool bathtubs in their homes. Sitting back in the tub, breathing deeply, feeling the warm water caressing your body, and letting your over-active mind and muscles calm down- soaking in Whirlpool bathtubs, is the ultimate relaxation one needs to face the world afresh.

3 factors to consider while shortlisting bathtubs for your home

What makes Whirlpool bathtubs a complete health investment

Whirlpool bathtubs are built to direct jets of warm water in circular motions, ensuring the best spa experience at home. India’s wellness partner, Oyster combines technology and innovation to offer a wide array of health benefits. Its Whirlpool bathtubs provide Pro-Health Technology – blending Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, Air Bubble therapy, Steam therapy and Chromotherapy into one. Offering the best of each therapy, the Whirlpool bathtubs by Oyster provide relief from existing health problems and prevent ageing.

The Whirlpool bathtubs by Oysters are made from the finest materials. The most popular types of Whirlpool bathtubs from Oyster are- Dover, Vigour, Frontal, Arika, Kenn, Nixie, Marena, Messi, Seaside, Bliss, Drizzle, Alphuzia, Danau, Barwon, Berg, Zola, Bonito, Vista, Caesor, Kingdom, Santino, Rosabella, Belladonna, Melissa, Zoe, Ronaldo, Regalia.

Being matchless in terms of features and functions, Whirlpool bathtubs take individuals to the zenith of blissfulness. You can soak in these exotic bathtubs for hours and get every muscle of your body massaged. As the water pampers, it also hydrates skin, improves blood circulation, controls chronic health conditions and boosts overall wellbeing. Hence, each bathing session infuses one with splendid energy and reviving.

- Style - In every bathroom, there is always a favourite corner, and what can be better than having a premium Whirlpool spa tub that compliments the corner. Though the shape of the corner or placement of the window/mirror plays a huge role in determining the type of tub, space that is the ultimate determinant. Depending upon the available floor space in the corner or an empty wall, you can plan a suitable Whirlpool bathtub.

- Placement - It matters a lot where exactly you wish to place your bathtub- in the bathroom, or at the deck, or in a dedicated spa room. India’s leading wellness solution provider, Oyster provides a range of Whirlpool bathtubs that are specifically designed for bathrooms, deck areas or a room with a view- you may choose as you wish. Sunken bathtubs are the ideal choice for outdoor placement.

- Installation - Depending on the type of installation you prefer at your home, the ideal Whirlpool tub can be worked out. Freestanding, inset bathtubs with surrounding support, Freestanding inset for larger bathrooms, sunken, and skirted- are the few common types of installations you can choose. While the freestanding, inset and freestanding inset are more suitable for smaller bathrooms, large and extra spacious ones can accommodate any of the elegant Whirlpool bathtubs by Oyster.

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