Ways To Create A Hotel Feel At Home With Luxury Bathrooms


So what makes the bathrooms in hotels super desirable? There are a few things, of course, that lack common household bathrooms as compared to luxury bathrooms in hotels. Usually, in hotels, the artwork displayed in rooms syncs with the bathroom, with matching glasses, door designs, and chromes. The symmetry creates a feeling of inclusion and cosiness, which is one of the primary reasons we feel good about spending time in hotel bathrooms as much as in hotel rooms. More often hotel bathrooms include one or multiple memorable features, like- the TV, standalone bathtub, larger-than-life mirror or double vanity sinks. Handcrafted showpieces are also added to enhance the aesthetics of bathrooms. Apart from these, hotel bathrooms also offer technological wonders like rain showers and luxury spa bathtubs that customize an individual’s bathing experience through a host of innovative features. For instance, MoodTouch by Oyster, a premium wellness brand in India, has an easy operating control panel for choosing desired temperature and flow of water, a smart memory mechanism, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy, and also pausing and resuming bathroom shower function. With this shower, finesse and wellness get redefined.

For turning your bathroom like the luxurious ones you see at hotels, take the 5 measures given below.

- Set the lighting right in your bathroom - Lighting sets the mood and the harsh overhead lights can do no good if you are planning to soak in the tub for a while to relax. In hotels, bathrooms are well lit, making the bathroom appear brighter and more spacious. Strategic lighting also makes statement pieces in the bathroom look more spectacular. Hence, at your home too, you need to select the right lighting options and place them thoughtfully. Soft, glowing, mood lights and a combination of strong task lights in the vanity area can be the perfect solution.

- Consider including plants - In your bathroom, make room for creativity with flowering indoor decorative plants. The plants could be placed on countertops, beside the showering cascade, or at the furthest secluded end of the bathroom. When chosen carefully as per the colour scheme and décor of your bathroom, plants can make the space look more beautiful and practical.

- Elevate with a creamy pop - Wondered why luxury bathrooms in hotels are mostly creamy or white on any pastel monochrome! It is because lighter shades make a bathroom more spacious and elegant. But the colour has to be present everywhere uniformly. From sinks to panels to bathtubs and cabinets, choose to maintain uniformity while experimenting with a mix of interesting tiles. Make a selection of colour that compliments the walls and ceiling of your bathroom.

- Be experimental with minimalism - Luxury bathrooms usually have minimalistic look and feel- the neater the bathroom, the more luxurious feel. Here you will get a lot of scopes to experiment by getting rid of unnecessary items from your bathroom. For instance, you can try loading the pump dispenser with an aromatic liquid soap to avoid the clutter of toiletries on the countertop.

- Choose the right fabric - To make your bathroom as luxurious as hotel bathrooms, do not forget to store a couple of freshly laundered, ironed, and neatly folded bathrobes, hand towels, and bath towels. You can try styling the robes differently, mix and match different colours, and restock them from time to time.

Wellness solutions by Oyster you must consider buying for your bathroom.

More than its aesthetic appeal, your bathroom should be your personal wellness zone that will improve your health conditions, rejuvenate your body and mind and load you with positive energy. Oyster, India’s wellness partner offers a range of innovative bathing solutions and accessories to boost your personal wellness. Through a combination of 5 therapies- Chromotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Air Bubble Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Steam therapy, the products offer both comfort and convenience.

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