The best shower head for your premium bathroom


When your bathroom deserves the best, you must not settle for second best – be it either for the furniture of your home or for bathroom fixtures. Since our lifestyles have become complex and stressful, wellness is our need of the hour. This is why leading wellness brands across the world are infusing innovations into products after extensive R&D to ensure that one gets the best of luxury indulgence and wellness. One must never compromise the quality of the products and the kind of experience it offers. For instance, overhead showers that boost your wellness through blissful hydrotherapy sessions and chromotherapy are the best ones for your bathroom. There are several types of shower styles based on your bathroom space and the kind of experience you are looking forward to.

According to style and position, showerheads can be divided into 4 broad segments.

- Standard wall mounted - These are the best option for budgeted picks. These showerheads could be easily screwed into the wall of your bathroom in any desired corner, and are adjustable to existing plumbing work.
- Hand-held showers - An up-gradation of the standard wall-mounted shower, this type of shower has a fixed post to which a handheld bathroom shower is attached. It comes with massage jets and sprays patterns. This shower is effective for washing specific areas within the bathing enclosure, bathing kids/pets, and washing your hair.
- Top-mounted - A perfectly stylish bathroom addition for those who love the drenching rains. This kind of shower is one of the trendiest showers for bathrooms. Also known as rain showers, these are typically oversized showerheads modeled directly above the showering zone, just above the bather’s head. So the water steadily falls like drops of rain.
- Bodysprays and panels - By spraying warm water from multiple spray panels, this category of showers are perfect to combine with overhead showerheads for a complete hydrotherapy spa experience. Often the panels are installed on either side of the shower enclosure for a crisscrossing effect of water jets/steam.

Experience Brook faucets by Oyster

When the water trickles on the skin, it creates a titillating effect that not only fills you with enthusiasm but also refreshes your mood. For instance, Brook faucets by Oyster, India’s wellness partner, has an excellent range of features – including the rain shower and mist shower. The rhythm and intensity of this series can be adjusted. The presence of swirl jets further enhances the showering experience. Elegantly designed, several add-on features like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and waterfall shower layers will pamper you, ensuring your complete wellness. As you unwind and calm to enjoy the meditative qualities of rhythmic and gentle raindrops, your soul, body, and mind will come together as a unified whole. As you transcend to another level of peace at the favorite corner of your bathroom, your bathroom gets a complete makeover with the highly sophisticated, stunning looks of the faucets – in stainless steel, brass, and polished chrome finish. Turning showering into your favorite retreat of the day, every time you shower, you enter a new state of bliss, every single day. Supported by Hydrotherapy and Chromotherapy technology, these can be operated through remote control also. Over-the-top models of a rain shower, like the ones offered by renowned wellness brand Oyster, are a perfect amalgamation of style, features, and functionality.

Combine wellness with a showering experience

While it is a proven fact that bathrooms channelize your energy, more precisely it is showering that influences your mood the most. When a person showers, it is the time when he or she listens the most to the inner feelings, connects with emotions, and finally heals one’s mind and body. so embrace Oyster for the best kind of rejuvenating experience.

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