Guidelines to Buy a Bathroom Shower Enclosure


These days, an impressive range of bathroom products is in trend. They are used to furnish and re-design the simple bathroom into a stylish room. One of the most popular elements in your bathroom is the shower enclosure. It enhances your bathing experience and fulfills all the shower needs with ecstasy.


There's a wide choice of shower enclosures available nowadays. So, don't get confused and simply follow the fashion. Instead of that, take a look at our easy guidelines. Here, you will get tips on everything you need to know before buying a shower for your designer home.


1) At first, let's check out space in the bathroom

Space gives a final layout, what type of shower enclosure you should choose? A walk-in, a wet room, or a shower bath. Are you looking to place the enclosure in the adjoining bathroom or in the main bathing space or want to create a separate room to enjoy the fresh ripples of water? With proper planning and efforts, it is possible to fit a shower into a tight area.

2) Consider the wall and positioning

In the corner, center, or in a separate enclosed area? Positioning is an essential point to be noticed before placing the enclosure. It affects the type of the tray and the type of enclosure door you will need.

3) Choose the type of glass

You are free to select the type of door, but it is important to choose the type of glass wisely.

More than 6 mm tempered glass is durable, long-lasting, safe, and easy to clean.

The toughened safety glass is always best for a wet room or enclosure.
The thick glass needs more support because of its weight.


The protection of the edge of the glass is also important. If the glass does not have a protective frame it can get chipped easily. Give the glass a strong frame of aluminum, it supports the glass in the shower doors and keeps it protected for a long time.

4) Trays are necessary

These days, lots of classic brands are selling shower enclosures with or at times without the trays. The trays are important because it decreases the chances of leakage. If you buy both the tray and enclosure together it minimizes your daily episodes of tension and extra work in the future.

5) It is not compulsory to fix tiles on the walls and floor. It enhances the looks and compliments the appearance of other bathroom products in a pleasant way. If you are placing a wet room, make sure that all areas like the floor and walls are tiled and sealed properly. In the walk-in, a tray curtails the number of tiles for the floor area.

6) In the end, do not forget to sketch the layout of your space. Keep in mind, the direction you want to operate the doors, where to put the handle on the right or on the left. It gives an exact idea, of how much space you are left to place other essential bathroom products with all your bathroom faucets?

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