Less Showering – Reasons Why People Shower Less?


Regular bathing is for sure a sign of a robust personal care routine. It keeps you clean and healthy and adds charm to your personality. As it is said that, “excess of everything is bad”, is too much showering a good habit? Most people across the globe state that frequent showering can devoid the skin of natural oils resulting in a number of skin issues.

Anti-bacterial soaps and shower gels can cause severe harm to the skin; this is the reason why they suggest less showering among children at a developmental age. The water we use for showering may have remains of heavy metals, acidic salts, and pesticides. These elements can be an invitation to various problems.

Different people have different showering frequencies depending on the working and social environment they live in. Let’s take a close look at the reasons why people shower less?

When it comes to showering, people think the daily shower is probably necessary for people who work in contaminated environments. People working in chemical industries or the medical domain need to have regular showers to keep away from dreadful infections. It’s not mandatory for all to have a daily shower, as the body doesn’t get dirty.

Talking about health benefits, it is not clear whether regular showering brings about the best. In fact, persistent showering can cause damage to your health.

Frequent baths and showers can also enfeeble the defense mechanism of your body. As per the opinion of reputed doctors, our skin needs a bit of micro-organism and dirt to build a protective layer of antibodies. Due to this, people avoid a daily shower.

People prefer to shower less as over-showering can make your skin drier and itchy by removing the top layer of natural oils on your skin. Moreover cracked and dry skin can allow disease-causing pathogens to enter your body resulting in dreadful infections.

How often we take a shower depends on the climate, we live in, time of the day, and temperature. People living in hot and humid climates prefer to take frequent showers, while people living in extremely cold climates skip regular showers or they shower less.

The pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people a lot. According to a survey, people began to take frequent showers out of the fear of infection. However, people in US and UK preferred to wash their pits and private bits over a full body shower. The reason they mentioned was, that they were not going out on regular basis during the Covid situation.

According to a survey, people prefer a bath over a bathroom shower to keep their hair and scalp healthy. Regular showering can make their hair dull and frizzy. Moreover, it makes your scalp flaky causing damage and enormous scalp-related problems such as dandruff, itching, and fungal issues.

One of the chief reasons that people give for less showering is the excess loss of water. Water is a scarce non-renewable resource that every individual on this earth needs for delightful survival. Without sufficient water, our life will be in great peril.

We need water for everything we do. We need it for drinking, bathing, cooking, growing crops, and much more. Water is essential for maintaining ecological balance; it makes the survival of other species possible on this planet. Aquatic life can’t be imagined in the paucity of water.

Though 70% of our planet blue is covered with water, many countries across the globe are facing acute water shortages. As per the public opinion, a daily shower is not an acceptable habit when the world is confronting water paucity.

With the fast-growing population, the reserve of natural resources is depleting on earth. It’s the responsibility of every individual to conserve all the natural assets including water. In homes, we use an abundant amount of water in our bathrooms. It’s important to install water-efficient equipment in the bathroom along with changing our habits. This small change can make a huge difference and contribute greatly to water conservation.

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Age plays a decisive role when we talk about showering frequency. A daily shower is not considered good for infants who crawl around. If we talk about teenagers, they prefer to take frequent showers as they are physically more active.

On the other hand older people who are unable to move, prefer less showering. They prefer to use a warm wet cloth to make them feel fresh.

Bathing or showering is an important part of an individual’s personal care procedure. Some like to take a quick shower or some love to take a soak in the bathtub to refresh themselves. Showering habits of people are greatly influenced by the climatic conditions, health, and nature of the job. People define the pros and cons of less showering in accordance with personal experiences and preferences. Water conservation is undoubtedly a matter of concern whether you take a bath or a shower.

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