When To Take A Bath And When To Take A Shower?


Significance of personal hygiene

The cutthroat outbreak of coronavirus has brought mankind to great turbulence. It has become a matter of international concern and is being everywhere across the globe. The dreadful virus has flared out its legs in many countries and eating up human lives worldwide. In such a pandemic situation, it’s genuinely important to maintain good personal hygiene to keep us safe from life-threatening viruses and contagious infections.

Personal hygiene not only protects us from terrible infections but also improves the defense system to fight diseases. An intact personal hygiene regime upgrades blood circulation drops fatigue and enhances the concentration power. Moreover, it helps you to live up to socially acknowledged norms of cleanliness. It adds charm to your persona by boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

What is favorable - a shower or a bath

Bathing is an individual’s personal affair. Whether a person likes to take a shower or a bath, entirely depends on his or her personal preferences. They would choose, what offers them a better rejuvenating experience.

The shower is preferable if deep cleaning of your body is the thought in your mind. The shower lets the water roll out uniformly on your body. In the case of shower water mixes well with the soap and effectively crumbles down all the filth accumulated on your body. Water goes to the drain in a split second so you needn’t worry about the tidiness of the washing area after the bath. A shower is no doubt better for cleaning purposes but that doesn’t mean, you can’t have a pleasant bath experience.

Both shower and bath have their own pros. Stay tuned, to know which way is best for you.

Bath has an upper hand over a shower

Bathroom Showers probably are more beneficial for sorting out the purpose of an intense body cleaning but baths are a big yes in terms of health gains. If we take a look at the prominent research findings, baths are a great way to deal with health issues like body and muscle pain, stress, and excess mental and physical sluggishness. Besides this bath helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, contributing to the smooth functioning of skin cells that keep your skin healthy and glowing. Bath is the shipping agent transporting all the vital components for good health.

Types of baths- A healing tool

Sitz Baths came into the picture as a healing therapy for the aches and pain around the hip area, it is widely used for healing intends for the women, post to an infant’s birth. Another kind is, an oatmeal bath purposeful to settle down the redness and inflammation on the skin. It is also used for coping with the symptoms of ailments like eczema.

Aromatherapy baths are also popular nowadays. With a few magical drops of fragrant oil, this sort of bath is potent to chill out the restless muscles of your body and mind in the blink of an eye. A warm water bath can greatly be pleasant if you are confronting any sort of flu, cold, or fever.

The superiority of a shower over a bath

When it comes to bathing, ignoring the benefits of showering is next to impossible. Looking at the availability of showers, there are limitless options available around. The warmth of hot steam showers is apt for breaking apart the toxins and for soothing the stiff muscles, whereas cool showers are best to uplift your defense mechanism against several diseases.

Studies prove that having a hot to cold shower can be advantageous for a faster illness recovery among older people. This technique of showering can be helpful to treat depression by stimulating the nervous system. Apart from this, showering is a huge plus for improved blood circulation that makes your hair and skin look great.

Who wins the battle- a shower or a bath?

From the above discussion, it’s crystal clear that baths are a great way to combat health issues such as lack of sleep, stress, and anxiety. Having a hot water bath can improve your heart rate and curtail joint aches. If we take into consideration health benefits, a bath is an outright winner. Agreed that baths have an advantage over showers, in terms of keeping you fit, but we cannot be blind to the positive aspects of showering. You can go for a hot and a cold shower depending on your choice and the state of mind you are in.


What is ideal for you, a bath or a shower entirely depends on your preferences and the kind of personal hygiene routine you follow. If you need mental ease and relief from persistent body pain, the bath is best for you. On the other hand, if you want to have a sound immune system showers are flawless.

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